It feels like everyone considers themselves an entrepreneur these days… 

They have some idea, side project, drive at work… whatever that “spark” is that defines it.

But most people don’t dive right in to the whole “work for yourself” thing.  And rightfully so!

It’s risky!  It’s scary! There are no guarantees!

I did take the leap, so I know exactly how true that all is.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone goes and drops what they are doing to build their dream company or they are holding themselves back.  Not at all.

Nor am I suggesting that everyone who has a 9-5 steady day job is faking it. 

(The dreaded wantrepreneur!)

I personally know that you can work a normal job like a normal person and still be a real entrepreneur.  I did it for over a decade.

What I’m suggesting is that you need to do more than just work your 9-5 job.  I can go into all sorts of esoteric reasons why:

    • You were meant for more.
    • Your cubicle is a prison locking up great ideas.
    • You deserve the freedom of being your own boss.
    • You are spending your day making someone else rich.

That is an article for another day, and way more touchy-feely than I care to be.

A lot of people want to do more… launch an app, start consulting, build a tech startup or something equally cool.  They just don’t want to do these things on the side because they don’t feel the need right now.

“What’s the point?”

Most people want to do these things out of sheer BOREDOM, not necessity.  That is why most of these side projects get stuck for years upon years.

Can you guess the #1 objection that I hear when people tell me about their ideas for starting a business? 

“I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it right now.”

Not even 1-2 hours per week.  They’d rather be all or nothing with it.

Let me point out that a day contains 24 hours – for everyone. Successful people, millionaires and app CEOs don’t get any extra time in their day to make their dreams come true.  They just prioritize what they do with their time better that others.

But tell someone that and you’ll probably get an eye roll. That is because they don’t have any driving need to start their company yet.

All because they have a “safe 9-5 corporate job.”

Let me shock some urgency into your system, if I may…

Your Safe Job Isn’t Safe At All

In fact, it is probably barely riskier than starting your own thing (just 100,000x more scary to make money on your own.)

Don’t believe me? 

What about this scary thought:  YOU CAN GET FIRED!

At any time.  Seriously.

Need some convincing?  Think it through.

Do you know anyone that was laid off?

How about anyone that was just straight up shit-canned (fired?)

Anyone that had their company cut back hours / salary because of “hard times?”

How about someone that had a whole department, division or even whole company shut down?

It happens.  And it happens more than you think.

Hell, it even happened to yours truly. 

That is what forced me to take the leap into full time!

Thankfully, I had several “side hustles” going on at the time, so when I was fired out of the blue one day – with a wife, infant son, car payments, mortgage, etc., all waiting for me at home – I was “less fucked” than I should have been.

Because when that happens to most people, believe me, they are fucked.

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