Look around you. 

Everyone is on their phone.  All-day-long.

This is a symptom of the times.

Some call it the information age, or the digital era.  I call it the age of the mobile phone.

It probably won’t last forever, and I have no idea what’s going to come next.  But with more and more of the internet access coming from mobile, it’s a fact we have to accept.

This is the mobile age.

So, as an entrepreneur, what’s your mobile presence like?

Are you an App CEO?

Or, do you only have a physical store? 

Are you web only? 

Are apps something you’ve always talked about getting into, but you didn’t know how to get started?

If so, that’s fine — You’re not alone.  I bet you’re still killing it.  But you could probably do more.

Remember:  This is the mobile age.

I’ll make an assumption and say you’re already sold on how bad you need an app.  I’ll take it you’ve already got a big app idea.

So the next logical step is learning to code it out.  DIY, right?

No.  Absolutely 100% wrong. 

That’s like building your own house with your own two hands.

I mean, why not?  You have the idea.  The vision of what your perfect house looks like.  Supplies are readily available at a big box store.  Wood, nails, tools, go buy some!  Hell, you can even find a ton of books and courses on homebuilding.  There are entire websites and YouTube channels dedicated to this!

So can you build your own house from scratch?  Maybe in 10x the time. 

But don’t ask me to step foot in that death trap….

Seriously, if you’re not a pro already, hire one.  There are tons and tons of people who want to build your app.  People that know what they’re doing, and can do it pretty damn good too.  The bonus is that if you know what you’re looking for, it won’t even cost you close to the $50,000 you probably think it costs to build our your idea!

If you don’t hire a someone that knows what they’re doing… if you don’t delegate this out to a true professional, congrats!  You’ve just taken on a new hobby.

Not a business.  A hobby.

Learning to code takes years to master.

Yes, I’ll admit:  You can get a prototype out by learning a few things and using some cool tools that you find, but I still think that’s a hobby, not a business.

So if “learning to code” is your one reason why you’re not in the app game right now, you need to admit that you’re just afraid. 

That’s because learning to code is a roadblock invented by fear.

Fear of success (imposter syndrome,) fear of delegation (control freak, like me) or fear of something else.  It’s all just fear.

My favorite pro tip for dealing with fear in your business is to simply examine it. 

Is it a reasonable fear?  Meaning, should you be afraid?   If so, you can fix that.  There’s something that is wrong with the plan or idea, so fix it.

If not, ignore it. 

Find a mentor to guide you through the process, get a pro to build it out for you and just ignore your fear.

You probably have no good reason to be afraid anyway, so why not build your app without learning to code it yourself?

There are millions of apps earning billions of dollars in the app stores of the world, and as an entrepreneur, you should be staking your own claim in the gold rush of our generation.


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