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About Steve Eakin

Steve Eakin

Tech Exec & Startup Consultant

Steve Eakin is a developer, founder, tech exec, advisor and Jeet Kune Do black belt.  He spends his days working with the world's most visionary founders and ground breaking startups.

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About Startup Black Belt

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Startups are the most exciting facet of the business world, hands down.  No other type of business is more exciting, an no other type of business has such a relentless drive to change the world.

Startup Black Belt was created out of a desire to use real world experience to guide startup founders just like you in building reliable, scalable and valuable tech.  

We want to help you get your first 100,000 users, and make sure you don't crash when you get there.  We want to help you get to unicorn status.  We want to help you change the world.

Our mission is to work with founders to change the world.

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